Herbal Craft

    encounter experience create
    in relationship with healing herbs

    Kräuterschüsseln im Wald
    Kräutertee im Wald gehalten groß

    Herbal Tea Tastings

    in a mindful circle

    intuitive learning

    • wild weeds and healing herbs

    • women' herbs / mama's herbs

    • children's herbs


    Discovering Herbs

    in nature

    relational learning

    • herb walks

    • herb days

    • herbal journey

    Double Infusion Calendula Oil at Ceratonia

    Make Your Own

    in the kitchen

    practical learning

    • apitherapy with herbs

    • home remedies

    • herbal presents

    Women's Wisdom

     connecting nourishing flourishing

    in the childbearing year and beyond 

    Malva sylvestris

    Herbal Woman

    encounter experience create

    practical and intuitve

    • herbal tea tastings

    • herb walks

    • herb workshops

    Maria Noi - Herbal Mandala

    Women's Circles

    growing together

    English speaking women's circles

    • moon cycles

    • mama circle

    • herbal circle 


    Doula Sisterhood

    support in the childbearing year

    services around the time of birth

    • pregnancy

    • birth​

    • babymoon