WildRose Heilkräuter rund um die Geburt

Healing Herbs

in the childbearing year





"Wild Weeds & Healing Herbs" - Visit, discover, taste and honour medicinal herbs for the childbearing year as we walk through the herb garden and wild edges. Learn more about healing effects through our own senses and traditional knowledge. Suitable for all who are interested in herbs for birth, no matter how much or little previous knowledge you bring with you.

29th April, 3-5pm - Pregnancy

27th May, 3-5pm - Postpartum

24th June, 3-5pm - Babies

at Gärtnerhof Distelfink

€30 per person / €75 for all 3 dates

Herb Walks

WildRose Heilkräuter rund um die Geburt
WildRose Heilkräuter rund um die Geburt

Herbal Encounters





Quiet and meditative herbal journeys await us, during which a special healing herb for the childbearing year is perceived through a special guided herbal tea tasting and intuitively explored anew and more deeply through one's own senses. A unique experience for everyone, whether to get to know herbs for the first time or to take your own herbal knowledge to a new level.

29th April, 6:30-9:30pm - Pregnancy

27th May, 6:30-9:30pm - Postpartum

24th June, 6:30-9:30pm - Babies

in the Melarium of Apis-Z

€40 pro Person / €105 für alle 3 Termine





Relish getting to know a small selection of healing herbs through your own senses on a healing herb walk

and then...

Savor experiencing a special healing herb in depth during a herbal journey through your own senses

29th April, 3-5pm / 6:30-9:30pm - Pregnancy

27th May, 3-5pm / 6:30-9:30pm - Postpartum

24th June, 3-5pm / 6:30-9:30pm - Babies

at Gärtnerhof Distelfink / in the Melarium of Apis-Z

€60 per person per day / €160 for all 3 days

Herbs for the Childbearing Year

WildRose Heilkräuter rund um die Geburt

Postpartum Herbal Circle

course for postpartum companions

WildRose Heilkräuter rund um die Geburt

A small group gathers around a healing herb.
Women in a circle. A herbal circle.
The shared passion is everything around birth and beyond.
And plants. Healing herbs.
Feeling. Being present. Observing. Diving to new depths.
Creating connections. Nourishing. Creativity. Sharing.

Autumn 2022

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