Herb Walks

"Wild Weeds and Healing Herbs" at Gärtnerhof Distelfink

Do you have a passion for the wild and planted plants growing around you?


Are you interested in your regional herbs?


Do you want to know more? Experience more? Ask experts a thousand questions?


Identification, actions, harvest, processing, uses...

Both kitchen herbs and beneficial weeds will be visited, tasted, admired and honored in our field at the Gärtnerhof Distelfink.


We will look, smell, touch and taste from the vegetable beds themselves as well as in the biodiversity strips and on the paths we walk on.


Together we will discover the diversity in nature, both wild and planted, over the course of the year and enjoy our time-out together with the plants.

Who is this for

everyone is welcome!


Who is this with

traditional herbal wisdom, processing and herbal uses

with Rebecca Holloway

sometimes also botanical and gardening wisdom with a special guest from Gärtnerhof Distelfink

NEW AUTUMN DATES: Fri 24.09.21, 3-5pm & Fri 22.10.21, 2-4pm

Walks will be postponed at short notice if the weather is too unfavourable

Distelfink Gemüse

Gärtnerhof Distelfink
Schredengasse 31
3423 St. Andrä-Wördern

vegetables, herbs, seedlings, perennials

Gärtnerhof Distelfink