Family Herb Day

being together outside


time for colourful playfulness in nature

discover diversity, be amazed, inspire your senses, play, be creative


what awaits you:

after arriving we start the day with a welcome circle

big shared picnic, because so many nature experiences make you hungry

everyone is invited to bring their own drinking water and contribute food and drink for a colourful picnic. we will provide fruit, bread and a wild herb spread

TIME to share and indulge

wild herbs active for everyone:

little and LARGE will stir, splash, make handicrafts together... this is how colorful herbal treasures are created

with Nina, especially for children:

​Nature and Storytime

The narrative theater Wilde Möhre is on its way to you... "The cinema without electricity" for groups of children aged 2-10, enables creative and aesthetic group experiences through listening, designing and performing. The image-based storytelling allows language to be experienced with all of the senses, stimulates inner images and inspires the imagination.

So... CURTAIN up and let the show begin!

with Rebecca, especially for adults:

Herbal Experiences in nature

Herb walk, herbal encounters and herbal tasting...


We will discover the character and characteristics of our common local wild herbs through sensory experiences and deepen our relationship with the herbs as well as our knowledge of their healing powers.

Facilitation and Registration

Rebecca Holloway, WildRose, Herbalist and Doula

Nina Fabian, Wilde Möhre, Nature and Creative Education


When (the exact date will be announced later)

Saturday in Autumn 2021, 9:30am-4pm (arrival by 9:30am)

Where (the exact location will be announced later)

3423 St. Andrä-Wördern

Price by self-assessment

€35-€60 for one adult + one child; €5-€20 per futher person


Nina Fabian, Wilde Möhre

Nature and Creative Education 067691643818

info and dates on Telegram, whatsapp and Signal

"Nature and Storytime"