WildRose Kräuterwanderungen

Family Herb Walks

a healthy walk through nature, together ​with Barefoot Austria

WildRose Kräuterwanderungen

Do you have a passion for the wild and cultivated plants that grow around you?


Are you interested in your regional herbs?


Do you want to know more? Experience more?


Effects, harvest, processing, application...

Come along and encounter the common wild herbs on the path through the woodland and meadow, discover and enjoy nature through your senses and deepen your knowledge of the powers of herbs.

On the way we will try mindful walking and feel into natural movements, with the opportunity to try out barefoot shoes.

Meet at: Kindergruppe Wasserfloh

Herzogenburgergasse 13, 3420 Kritzendorf

WildRose Kräuterwanderungen
WildRose Kräuterwanderungen

Who is this for?

everyone is welcome, from the smallest to the tallest!


Who is this with?

traditional herbal wisdom with Rebecca Holloway

natural movements with Catharina Rocci and Barefoot-Austria

Spring 2022

Please register in advance in case we have to contact you about a spontaneous change of plan (e.g. unfavourable weather)

€20 per family per walk

please bring your own water, snacks and sun protection!