WildRose Kräuterhausmittel

Make your own Home Remedies

​Herbal Creations in the Herb Kitchen

WildRose Kräuterhausmittel

In this workshop we focus on seasonal herbal home remedies such as Elderberry Syrup, Gardener's Ointment, Green Dragon Oxymel, or Fire Oxymel. The essence is extracting and preserving healing herbs from the kitchen, garden and nature preserved with basics from the kitchen, such as vinegar, oil and honey, to create home-made home remedies.


We use practical, simple and easily adapted recipes to make extracts ourselves in the kitchen. At the end of the workshop, the home remedies, recipes with instructions and information will accompany you home, so you will have the basics to create further Herbal Creations in your own kitchen.

These workshops are in small groups (4-6 people) to enable individual adaptations and personal discussions. We discuss the traditional and modern uses of the healing herbs as home remedies, as well as the possibilities of incorperating apitherapy (bee medicine). We also taste the herbs and share our personal experiences.


Over the seasons we get to know different herbal remedies in an intimate way and keep adding to our own herbal home remedy kit. Even after many years of experience with Herbal Creations, I am still excited about what can be discovered through practice and sharing of experiences.

WildRose Kräuterhausmittel
WildRose Kräuterhausmittel

Who this is for: These workshops are suitable for those who are passionate about tinkering with herbs or who would like to give it a go, whether for the first time or for new ideas and inspiration. Simply put, for anyway who likes to share playful times in the herb kitchen.


To take home: Of course you will also take home the products that you made (or started, to finish at home) and the accompanying handouts with recipes.


Connecting with herbs: The personal perspective that Herbal Creations enables, together with traditional and modern knowledge, supports a self-confident, safe and creative relationship with the world of healing herbs.

Saturdays, 2pm-6pm
(please enquire for exact dates)

3423 St. Andrä-Wördern
(exact address will be given after registrating)

please enquire (for groups of 4-6 people)
(including herbal home remedies, handout with recipes and snacks)

(can be taught in German, English or bilingually by request)

WildRose Kräuterhausmittel