WildRose Kräuterkreationen

Herbal Creations

in the herb kitchen

theory and practice go hand in hand

Embody your herbal knowledge in practice.

In the Herbal Kitchen you can preserve herbs, prepare delicious drinks, make your own ointments and so much more.

Step by step, you will learn how to preserve herbs and develop their potential in combination with bee products and home remedies.

Would you like to treat yourself or someone special?

Then come and learn to create your own herbal presents.

Make your own Herbal Products

​practical workshops

WildRose Apitherapie & Kräuter

 and Herbs

make your own herbal bee products

combining their healing powers;

taught together with Naturopath Rosemarie Bort 

WildRose Kräuterhausmittel

Herbal Home Remedies
 to make yourself

simple and fun in the herbal kitchen:

extract and preserve the healing powers of herbs 

to create your own herbal home remedies

WildRose Kräutergeschenke

Herbal Presents
 to make yourself

simple and creative fun in the herbal kitchen: 

make individulied herbal presents

for yourself or others

WildRose Kräuterkreationen

Create your own Workshop

Would you like to co-create
your own 
Herbal Creations Workshop?

Please contact me
for more information.